Qualitair Cooler Spares

Invicta and Q Series.

Cellar Cooler Spares Prices

Qualitair Invicta Spares Prices.

350mm indoor or outdoor fan motor with guard £148

400mm indoor or outdoor fan motor with guard £168

De ice stat £42

Mechanical thermostat £65.40

Electronic controller £72

Electronic controller cool & heat £83

TEV R407c/R410a brazed connections £218

Contactor £28

on/off illuminated indoor unit switch £16

2.8kw R407c/R410a compressor £318

3.5kw R407c/R410a compressor £330

5kw R407c/R410a compressor £398

7kw R407c/R410a compressor £438

Qualitair Compressor relay (all models) £52

All parts are plus £7.50 p&p plus vat, delivered to UK mainland   

Compressors are a fixed £30 delivery charge with 3 days delivery.

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