Qualitair Cooler Spares

Invicta and Q Series.

Cellar Cooler Spares Prices

Qualitair Invicta Spares Prices.

350mm indoor or outdoor fan motor with guard £148

400mm indoor or outdoor fan motor with guard £168

De ice stat £42

Mechanical thermostat £65.40

Electronic controller £72

Electronic controller cool & heat £83

TEV R407c/R410a brazed connections £218

Contactor £28

on/off illuminated indoor unit switch £16

2.8kw R407c/R410a compressor £318

3.5kw R407c/R410a compressor £330

5kw R407c/R410a compressor £398

7kw R407c/R410a compressor £438 (not available)

Qualitair Compressor relay (all models) £52

All parts are free delivery* plus vat, delivered to UK mainland   

*Compressors are a fixed £35 delivery charge with 3 days delivery.

Call UK Cellar Spares on 01576 501502 for your requirements

To order any of the above email us your order and pay into our bank account with your postcode as a reference, Bank of Scotland 06610917 80-22-60