Cellar  cooling  done  right

No matter what size your cellar, Qualitair have the system. In Stock, On time and On Budget. 

Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty through our network of Approved Installers. R32 gas available.

Ultra Quiet outdoor unit for all models.  Standard and Slimline (silent) systems available. NEW Premium system offers high energy efficiency with the quietest units available.

Quality Goes In Before the Name Goes On.

Your Qualitair Beer Cellar Cooling Systems

Model.         System Type.      Cooling Capacity.   Suitable cellar size (typical)   Power supply.

Q35               Standard                  3.5kW                   3m x 4m                            16 amp

Q50               Standard                  5kW                      4m x 5m                            20 amp

Q50Eco+       Standard R32           5kW                      4m x 5m                            20 amp              

Q70               Standard                  6.8kW                   5m x 6m                             20 amp

QSL35           Slimline                   3.2kW                   3m x 3.5m                           13 amp

QSL50           Slimline                   4.6kW                   4m x 4m                              16 amp

QSL50Eco+    Slimline R32            4.6kW                   4m x 4m                              16 amp

QP35             Standard R32           3.5kW                   3m x 4m                             16 amp

QP50             Standard R32           5kW                      4m x 5m                             20 amp

QEBC         Eco Air Cooler              N/A                      5m x 5m                     from cellar cooler

Qualitair beer cellar cooling systems are available through our sole distributor UK Cellar Cooling, who will also offer full installation and maintenance if you are an end user. Extremely competitive prices available to Wholesalers and Trade Installers.

Standard Qualitair systems are pre-programmed to operate at between 11C and 13C but in the correctly sized and insulated room can be adjusted to 2C. The Qualitair Slimline system is designed for typical craft beer shops, home wine cellars and above ground dry cellars to maintain a temperature of 12C in 'Virtual Silence'

Q systems operate on R410a refrigerant but we also produce R32 versions, Eco+, just a small extra charge for this latest more energy efficient gas. QP series are the PREMIUM model with even lower running costs, R32 gas, very quiet units and Touchscreen controller.

Warranty is up to 5 years on the standard system and 3 years on the Slimline*. 

Qualitair also offer install parts. 120kg type 2 bracket kit,  20 amp outdoor isolator, condensate tank pump.

Coming soon...Qualitair Premium QP Cellar Coolers.

See our Innovation page for the latest developments..

*subject to annual service by Qualitair or UK Cellar Cooling.

A service you can rely on

Qualitair Slimline system

Unique quiet beer cellar cooler from Qualitair QSL35 & QSL50 Silent. Compact. Energy Efficient. R410a and R32 Systems