Your Qualitair Walk-in Cold Room Cooling Systems  

The only complete cold room refrigeration systems available using environmentally friendly energy efficient refrigerant gas R32.

Complete with built in Touchscreen programmer for full control, no separate control panels to wire up, we have done it for you. Just power in and then power out to the condensing unit. Auto LED light fitted as standard.                                                                    

Model.             Cooling Capacity    Suitable cold room size (typical)    Power supply.

    QP35                R32           3.5kW                     4m x 4m                               16 amp

    QP50                R32           5kW                        5m x 5m                                20 amp

    QP50+             R32           5kW                        5m x 5m                                20 amp         

Ask for details for your next energy efficient cold room project.   + has the Silentflow fan saving an additional 100 Watts per hour.