Quality goes in before the name goes on 

Distributor UK Cellar cooling

With over 40 years experience, we are experts in cooling cellars

Qualitair Cellar Cooling Quiet, Affordable and Built to Last. We offer a Five year warranty for your peace of mind.* The only Cellar Cooling system available on the latest Energy Efficient refrigerant gas R32,  Qualitair Premium, Economical, Quieter and Kinder to Our Planet.

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System Features

*Low noise condensing units with SilentFlow fan

*Full flow evaporator design

*Large self defrosting evaporator

*Aluminium lightweight casing

*Built-in Wall & Ceiling Bracket

*Touchscreen Controller

*Designed by Installation engineers

* The only Cooler operating down to 1C, ideal for Walk in Cold Rooms


Qualitair can maintain their own cellar cooling systems through UKCC allowing you 5 years of FREE warranty*. Lease plans available can include purchase, service and warranty. 
As with all cellar coolers a bi-annual service is recommended for peak performance

Package deals to include every part, service, labour and installation plus funding for Pub Chains & Breweries.        Ask for details.


Built from quality aluminium components specifically designed to cool all cellars economically with  very low noise weatherproof units.

No mechanical thermostats, solenoid valves or expansion valves means higher reliability.

'Quality Goes In before the Name Goes On'

Ideal for 12C cellar temperatures but designed for                  1C for Fresh Food Produce too.                   Ideal for Walk-in Fridge Cold Rooms.

End of Life, Fully recyclable with just aluminium and copper, No plastics or painted metals on the indoor units.

High Quality Materials

Capacity range from 3.5kW to 6.8kW

Long pipe runs up to 20m

The unit controls temperatures down to 1°C (dependent upon room size*)

Brewery specification evaporator heat exchanger with large full flow fan.

Simple mounting brackets for wall or ceiling mounting.     

Unique large Touchscreen display.                                                                           

Direct access to electrics at the side of the unit.   

Standard 22mm fitting drain stub.                                                              

Optional electric heater kit.                                                                

Outdoor Premium condensing units incorporating quiet condenser fan with rotary compressor R32 refrigerant. Energy efficient and kinder to our planet.                               Digital Temperature Touchscreen control on Premium systems.

*5 year warranty subject to annual service.(Slimline 3 years,11C)

Fully recyclable packaging plus all natural materials on indoor unit unit for easy End of Life recycling.  We care for the environment..


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